It’s time for Halloween, the sexiest holiday of the year. Kristy Black and Lady Gang have made preparations to make it a spooktacularly sexy night with their boyfriends.

They have terrific costumes prepare a special VR party just for four hoping that their guys will get the hint and fuck them silly. Who knows, maybe tonight will even be the night when the best friends get to swap and share. Everything is set, but Kristy’s stepbrother comes home early from a party that was supposed to keep him out all night. They try to get rid of him, but he isn’t going anywhere. In this VR porn scene, Lady Gang has noticed how you are staring at her and suggests to her friend that they take advantage of the situation and get a little cock before the real party starts. Kristy is feeling naughty and teasing her stepbrother sounds like a fine idea. They ask you to take pictures, showing off more and more skin with each shot. You have always had a crush on Lady Gang and your stepsister’s ass looks so big and juicy that you can’t help but stare. When they get a good look at the way your cock is making your trousers righter, the horny sluts go right for the meat. They take turns sucking him off, but that isn’t enough to satisfy these wicked witches. You have them ride your dick, turning them around so you can enjoy the sight of their big butts bouncing as you fill them up. Kristy has always wanted to share a big dick with her best friend. She just never thought it would belong to her own stepbrother or that it would be so good. You fuck them both and leave your load on their faces. Kristy and Lady Gang swap the cream back and forth just as their guys arrive for the party. Is it a trick or a treat?

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