Sia Siberia has developed a huge crush on her stepfather in recent months and wants to show him how she feels by doing something special for him for Father’s Day.

She enlists the help of her friend Milena Ray who is shocked by the idea at first, but can’t resist helping her friend to seduce the handsome older man. They buy matching lingerie in red and white and are ready for you when you come home. Holding up a sign to let you know they are your gift, the girls see a worried look on your face, but a growing bulge in your trousers. At first, you focus your attention on Milena, but Sia is not about to let you get away with ignoring her. Stepdaughter or not, she is here to play and play naughty. Any resistance you might have is lost as soon as Sia puts her lips around your throbbing cock. Your VR porn fantasy came true. She is much better than her mother and you let out a big moan to let her know what a good girl she is. The girls share your cock and know that they have succeeded in seducing you. Now you just need to decide which wet teen pussy to fuck first. In this VR taboo episode, Milena is the one you choose, but you can’t stop looking at your stepdaughter, wanting her until you finally pull out and switch to her pussy. From here the two teens take turns with your dick until you feed them a huge load of cream that they pass back and forth while you watch. Mission accomplished, but this is Father’s Day. Sia has plans for your second load that are sure to make mommy jealous.

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