Simon Kitty has her friend Stefany Kyler over for the weekend. The besties stay up late talking about guys on campus, eat junk food and dance around to pop music.

They also find a giant stuffed penis toy in Simon's mother’s closet. Thinking it is cute, the girls play with it for a while. Getting a little bold, they decide to snap some pictures for their VR porn social media accounts. As the pictures get racier, they both agree that this is the perfect way to tease all the guys who follow them. Just as things are really heating up, Simon's stepfather catches them. You are shocked to find the girls topless and posing but can’t hide the boner in your pants either. While you are quick to scold the girls for being so indiscreet, you also offer to keep their photo session a secret so long as they take care of your needs. Stunned, they agree as soon as you take your cock out. Simon has always had a crush on him and Stefany loves older men, especially when they have huge hard cocks. In this VR porn episode, you take them to Simon's bedroom where they share your cock in their mouths before letting you slide into tight, wet and inviting pussies. You love banging your sexy stepdaughter, but her best friend’s perky tits really draw your attention. The girls take turns riding your dick, playfully grinding as they did on the huge stuffed penis. Stefany is a little jealous of the extra attention her friend is getting so she gets in close and begs you for a taste of your cum. That pushes you over the edge and sprays cream in her mouth. Friends to the end, the girls swap jizz back and forth knowing that their secret is safe and that they can ride your big dick any time they want.

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