Moving your new stepmom and her daughter Ellie Shou VR in has been a pain. She is nineteen years old and a completely spoiled princess.

Her entire bedroom is decorated in pink and filled with new furniture for the move. It is bad enough seeing her get a whole new room, but you end up having to do most of the work moving things in while she just runs around barking orders. When the job is finally done, she calls you into her room. You assume it is to do another task or to show off how great her new room is. Instead, she wants to thank you for all the hard work you did in making her room a perfect Barbie princess room. You aren’t sure what she has in mind until she playfully lifts her skirt and shows you that she isn’t wearing any panties. She tells you that the room is perfect and that pink makes her horny. She is going to have to masturbate and to thank you for the help, you are invited to watch. If you like the private VR porn show you can even take out cock and stroke it with her. This seems like a pretty good deal and you take a seat to watch as Ellie wiggles her way out of her cute pink outfit. She smiles when she sees that your cock is already stiff. You get to see what all the guys in school would love to see, your cute stepsister naked. But she has an even bigger surprise for you when she pulls out the biggest dildo you have ever seen. After playfully licking the head and rubbing her feet on it, she smiles at you. Her fingers are working on her wet lips. No way that thing is going to fit in her tight little pussy. Or will it?

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