Gina Varney VR has been married for a while and has been waiting for a special opportunity to be naughty. Ever since her stepson moved back into the house after college, she has been lusting after him in secret.

With her husband away on a business trip, she finally has a chance to act on her desires. While you eat your breakfast, Gina joins you wearing a robe. After she makes you close your eyes, she reveals the sexy lingerie she is wearing underneath. You can’t believe your eyes. Your busty blonde stepmom is sitting on the table looking like a super-hot VR Pornstar just waiting to do anything you want. Her ass is so plump and juicy that you grab it with both hands the second she tells you how much she wants you. She strips out of her bra and panties to give you access to her firm tits and tight, waiting hole. Your young, hard cock and powerful strokes are everything she has been fantasizing about and more. Banging your sexy blonde stepmom over the family breakfast table is a dream come true for you as well, but you need more room to fully enjoy one another. Gina gets to work licking her juices from your cock and keeping it nice and wet so she can ride you. Her big ass fits nicely in your hands and your big cock is exactly what Gina has been missing since marrying your father. When you can hold your load no longer, she gets on her knees and begs you to feed her every drop. With all that cream on her lips she promises to let you fuck her any time as long as you don't tell your father what a cheating slut she is.

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