Josephine Jackson VR knew she was going to have a difficult time staying faithful when she married her husband. He is a great provider, but much older and the idea that he could keep up with her needs was clearly absurd.

She manages to keep herself happy by going out on nights when he is too tired. It works just fine until one night as she comes home from a date, Josephine finds her husband’s son waiting for her. You have been home from college for a few weeks and she didn’t pay attention to you because you always seemed to be watching VR Porn in your room. But you have noticed her going out a lot and have some questions for your sexy stepmother. She knows she can’t lie about where she was going and what she was doing so she makes you an offer you can’t refuse. If you promise not to tell your father, she will show you exactly what she did with her date. Feeling daring she starts showing you her body with your father asleep just inches away. You are nervous, but take out your cock when she tells you to. Your dick is big and hard like the ones she cheats with and Josephine can’t wait to suck it. She can’t believe that being so naughty in the same bed as her husband is such a turn-on. She also can’t believe that you are eager to fuck her right then and there. Not about to waste the chance, Josephine pushes back until every last inch of you is buried deep inside of her. You are both so turned on that she just sprawls across her husband’s sleeping body while she cums on your thrusting cock. She uses her tits around your cock and makes you explode all over her face. You are both so excited that you wake him up at the worst possible moment. The secret is out and boy is he pissed.

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