Today is Moona’s nineteenth birthday. She is quite the spoiled princess with lots of admirers and has a huge stack of presents to open.

Opening one, she finds a buttplug with a pretty pink fuzzy tail attached. With no idea who it is from, she can’t wait to try it out. It feels so soft in her hands and the plug stretches her tight asshole wonderfully. It is such a naughty feeling that she decides to leave it in while she opens the rest of her presents. What she doesn’t know is that the mystery gift came from her stepbrother who is watching her crawl around on the floor with her fuzzy tail wagging behind her. In this VR porn episode, she turns around and sees you. Embarrassed at first, she tries to hide the tail before noticing that you are staring at her ass and your cock is hard in your jeans. You tell her that the tail was from you because you have always thought of her sexy ass when you masturbate to VR Porn. She is shocked and turned on when you take out your cock and show her how hard you are from just thinking about her tight hole. You want her ass, but are ready to try her other holes first. Moona is happy to suck you and then squeals with delight as you slip your dick into her pussy. The plug in her ass makes everything so tight that she can’t help but moan and push back to meet your thrusts. Since her ass is already warmed up, she decides to let you fuck it as well. She never lets her boyfriend have it, but your dick fits perfectly. So perfectly that she promises to save the butt sex just for you.

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