Liv’s first semester of college has not gone as she had hoped. Always popular, she thought she would walk onto campus and have guys lined up for her.

Instead, she has found that with so many pretty girls around, it is hard to get attention. When the fall VR Twerk contest is announced, Liv imagines this as the perfect time to show what she’s got, really stand out and get the guys to pay attention to her. She has worked hard and is very excited on the day of the competition. Her outfit is perfect. She knows her movies and just needs to put some finishing touches on her sign. As confident as she is, Liv wants her stepbrother to watch her routine and give his honest opinion. If anyone would know a good booty, it would be the guy who spends all day watching VR porn. As she hoped, her ass shaking quickly turns your jeans into a denim tent. Flattered to see just her body turns you on, she gets on her knees to show you her appreciation. You have heard stories on campus about her amazing blowjobs and finally get to feel firsthand how good she is. As much as you love her mouth, you are all about her sexy ass and Liv is not about to stop you now. She bends over and lets you slide your big hard cock into her tight backdoor. Rubbing her clit, she throws her legs in the air and enjoys the feel as you pound her ass. She can tell you are close and encourages you to cum until you shoot your load right into her butthole. Liv smiles knowing the judges are going to agree with you that her ass is the best on campus.

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