After a long day at the beach, sexy VR slut Kylie Green hops into the shower to wash off. As she feels the water clean and caresses her body she thinks back to all of the boys she teased in her hot little bikini.

She loved how their eyes followed her as she strutted up and down the beach, trying to get her attention. Now she imagined them hiding big boners in their swim trunks looking at her tight teen body. It turns her on to think of how turned on those strangers got and her pussy throbs as she aims the warm spray of water between her legs. Her step brother happens to come into the bathroom at just the right time to see her on the verge of a huge climax. Embarrassed at first, Kylie is angry that you ruined her orgasm and screams at you to leave the room. Instead, you take out your cock and watch as she stares wide-eyed at the big dong. This is exactly the reaction she was hoping to get from those strangers on the beach and this dick is close enough for her actually suck it. She starts licking it, looking just like the sexy models you have been watching in taboo VR porn scenes. Kylie had no idea her stepbrother had such a big dick, but now that she has tasted it, she just has to feel it pounding her tight teen pussy. It is a perfect fit and she starts cumming all over him instantly. She gets so lost in how good it feels that she forgets to stop you until you have shot your nut deep inside of her hole. It is more than the teasing teen planned for, but it felt too good to stop.

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