Your students, Leya Desantis VR, Novella Night VR and Milancheek VR failed their final exams and ask for a private consultation to help them to fix their grades before graduation.

When you come to your class, you see that all three girls are already there holding their exam papers. They are so terribly sorry and ask you not to tell anything to their parents. The girls are ready to work hard on their mistakes and want to start now, if you don't mind. They flash their tits, turn around and show their asses. Their young sexy bodies and short skirts make you stop and stare. You can't say no to all three horny students at once and take out your cock. Girls are happy to see that you appreciate their approach and like the way they play with each other. They start by slowly teasing, shaking their asses and lifting their tops to show off their perky little breasts and stiff nipples. Taking turns the girls enjoy the feel of their hands and tongues on their bodies. Their eyes keep glancing over at you as you stroke your cock and watch a VR porn show with the three lovely young women. Seeing that you are close, they take turns again, spreading their legs wide and fingering their pussies. Which one is going to make you explode? It doesn´t really matter, their work on mistakes is already accepted.

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