Your girlfriend Olivia Sparkle VR is a young business lady. In her nineteen she already started a small online business and works from home.

The extra money always comes in handy and it seems she really enjoys what she is doing. The business is growing and Olivia spends all her time sitting in front of her laptop. You don't often see each other and she seems to be always too busy for sex as well. Today is a night out and you are waiting for your girlfriend at your stepsister´s place while Olivia is chained, again, to her desk. It's been an hour already and you are really bored when you notice your stepsister Sofie Otis VR smiling at you from behind the corner of the room. She is dressed in sexy clothes and starts teasing you, flashing her tits and wiggling tight ass. A small VR porn show while your girlfriend is busy, why not? You feel the bulge growing in your pants as Sofie bends over and spreads her cheeks. She knows she has turned you on and crawls slowly to you to suck your dick. She is doing it so well that you can’t stop moaning, forgetting that your girlfriend may hear you both. Once Olivia is finally done with her job, she sees her boyfriend giving his meat to his stepsister. She is shocked and confronts them, but this VR porn scene excites her. Sofie is a hot chick and she invites Olivia to join. She hesitates, but eventually bends down to her knees and starts sucking. Passing your big dick back and forth the girls lick and suck. Sharing is fine, but Olivia insists on taking your cock first when it comes to fuck. Not to be left out, the horny girls get their turns, feeling every inch of your throbbing member deep inside their guts. Sofie has fun watching Olivia bounce on your dick. Their faces make for a perfect cum target when you finally decide to share your load and after this first time, you realize that your stepsister is a lot of help.

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