You wake up early one morning to the smell of breakfast cooking. Your girlfriend Sata Jones is making something that smells delicious.

After such a long night in bed, you have quite an appetite but get a shock. Your stepsister Milena Ray is also in the kitchen. Sata doesn’t see her. Milena wasn’t supposed to be home, but she heard you with your girl and masturbated watching VR porn all night long. Now she wants some of what you were giving Sata and isn’t afraid to show off her hot body just inches away from your unsuspecting girl. You should resist, but the naughty teen climbs under the counter and starts sucking your cock. Sata finally notices that your dick is balls deep into your stepsister’s throat. She is shocked but curious about what it might be like to fuck you both. Joining Sata, she sucks your cock with more energy than ever. Your horny stepsister lets her have the first fuck, but is greedy and wants some deep strokes in her own horny hole. You never dreamed she could be so tight and certainly never expected you girl to be into threesomes with other girls. The girls take turns riding your dick, teasing you and trying to make you tell them which one of them has a better pussy. You wisely tell them that they are both fantastic. They seem to enjoy each other as well and that just gives you more to watch as they play with one another. When you can no longer hold back, they get into position and share a big load of cum on their pretty faces. Is this the beginning of a whole new relationship or just a one-time VR porn taboo fantasy?

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