Mina Von D VR has been in a relationship for a while. Things are going well and her boyfriend seems to satisfy all her needs.

But recently Mina started noticing that he has been more into his studies and doesn't pay that much attention to her. To make it even worse, he seems to have lost interest in sex and this is something Mina absolutely can't put up with. While her boyfriend is busy at college, Mina decides to invite him for dinner and surprise with her new revealing sexy cleaning lady outfit. Trying the new clothes on in front of the mirror, she is sure he will not be able to resist. Suddenly, Mina’s step father enters the room. He is shocked to see his step daughter so horny and half naked, and he can´t take his eyes off her sexy body and seducing look. The bulge in his pants tells her he likes what he sees and he can’t resist when she asks him to come to her and take out his cock. Mina can’t believe how much bigger his cock is and how hard it is as it slides down her throat. She bends over to take her step father’s big stiff prick right into her tight pussy. As she rides him, she realizes that she doesn´t want him to stop fucking her. Her step daddy makes her feel super special and she loves the feeling. This is just what she needed and she is surprised when he shoots inside her pussy. Well, her boyfriend will definitely not like it, but who cares.

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