Subil Arch is concerned that daughter Nikki isn't her usual upbeat self these days. The pretty young college student has been irritable and standoffish. Mother suspects that it might be caused by a less than adequate sex life. Nikki does not have a boyfriend and isn't getting dick on a regular basis. Not wanting to see daughter in a bad mood or fall behind in her college classes, Subil decides she needs to intervene. Waking Nikki from a nap, she confronts pretty daughter with her concerns. Embarrassed Nikki first denies suffering from sexual frustration but finally admits that she has been on edge since breaking up with her boyfriend. Subil explains that he understands how daughter feels. She loves sex and when she doesn't get it frequently enough, she too suffers from horrible mood swings. Subil asks daughter if she knows how to properly relieve stress by getting herself off when she doesn't have a partner to help. She tries to change the subject, but Subil is intent on showing Nikki how to please herself. Seeing mother naked gives Nikki strange feelings, but she watches intently as Subil's fingers caress her own flesh. Seeing her she nimbly works them in and out of her pussy has Nikki joining in, rubbing her own clit until she feels warm all over. Matching Subil's expert strokes, Nikki's mind and body race to an incredible climax that leaves her panting and totally relaxed. All of her stress is gone and she is so happy. Sometimes mommy really does know best.
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