Beautiful young Kaisa Nord has a special relationship with her mom Veronica Avluv. She can talk with mom about anything, even the most intimate subjects. After reading articles on the internet about female orgasm and squirting, young daughter is filled with questions. She turns to the mom who assures her that squirting is not only possible but quite pleasurable. To Kaisa's shock, Veronica pulls down her dress and starts playing with her nipples until they are rock hard. "The key is to make sure you build up slowly and get very, very turned on." Shy but eager to learn, Kaisa follows mother's instructions and makes her own nipples perk up under her delicate fingers. "Next you have to completely warm up your pussy, starting with the lips and working inward." Kaisa had never seen another woman's pussy so close before. She watched in awe as the lips got wetter and wetter with each stroke across her clit. Kaisa spreads her legs and starts to follow the mother's lead, rubbing her lips and teasing her clit until she can feel the arousal building inside of her. "When you feel yourself getting close, slide a finger in deeper, find the spot." She watches closely, feeling the lust growing inside of her like a wave building until she is nearly ready to burst. Suddenly Veronica erupts, spraying her hot juices all over the couch. Kaisa amazed and cums all over her fingers watching mom squirt. "Next time it's your turn."
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