Anna Polina just can't stop thinking filthy thoughts about her stepson. Ever since he turned eighteen, her forbidden fantasies have become more frequent and her desires more difficult to resist. She has started wearing progressively more revealing outfits around him and doing anything to catch his eye. One day she gets up her nerve and asks his advice on a sexy outfit she bought to wear for his father. Judging by his reaction, the outfit is working. She sits on his bed and wiggles her thick ass until he can no longer hide his big boner. He is embarrassed, but she pulls back the covers to admire the size and stiffness of his meat. She soothes his nerves and licks the tip of his cock. He doesn't know what to do as her mouth slides up and down. Mom promises not to tell his father if he will just let her ride his dick for a while. She needs to be fucked and doesn't want to waste this chance. It is a perfect fit and she can feel her pussy responding to his young meat when suddenly the doorbell rings. She jumps off of his dick and scrambles to get dressed. The next morning, Anna comes home from work to find son home alone. He was supposed to be at college, but he is just sitting on the couch waiting for her. She starts cleaning and criticizes him for just sitting around, living off his father's money and not even helping pmom with things she needs around the house. He whips out his cock and gives her the kind of help she really needs. She puts the vacuum cleaner on the head of his dick, but nothing can suck it the way horny mom can. She sucks it hard and this time he isn't going to wait around for her to make the first move. He bends Anna over and fucks sexy mom hard from behind, slapping his balls against her pussy and making her scream louder than she ever did with his dad. All of her hot fantasies are coming true as he slams his big dick into her. She jerks his long meat off until he explodes all over her face. Anna doesn't care if he wants to be lazy around the house. So long as he fucks her with that cock, she is going to be one happy mom slut.
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