Josephine Jackson returns home after work to find a letter in the mail from the police. Included with the letter is a hefty fine for speeding with her stepson's name on it.

She recognizes the licence plate on the car and is furious. Son had taken his father's sports car without permission while he was out of town for business. She confronts him about taking the car and the ticket. He doesn't have the money to pay for it and knows that his father will be angry if he finds out. Mom has an idea to take care of the problem. She will pay the fine and keep the incident, but he has to give her what she wants. And what she wants is his big hard cock. Son is shocked, but does not have much of a choice. He can't risk his father finding out about the ticket. Besides, mom is very hot and he has found himself sneaking peeks at her big beautiful breasts many times. Knowing this, she pulls them out after sucking his dick for a few seconds. Her big tits wrap tightly around his cock and there is no way he can resist her any longer. Josephine loves the way he tastes and how perfectly he throbs between her boobs, but her pussy is hungry for that fat cock. Making sure he still has a fantastic view of her bouncing knockers, she rides son's big pole and covers him with her sweet juices. He has never felt a pussy so warm and wet as hers and she barely has time to pull him out to let him cum on her face. Now they both have a secret to keep from his father.

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