Georgie wakes up one morning to find her stepson home from college. He has a friend with him and they are busy playing video games.

Not expecting to find visitors, her body is barely covered by the sexy lingerie she slept in. Pleasantly surprised, Georgie decides to make the most of the situation. She had lusted after son's friend since they went off to college together and now she wants to take advantage of the situation. With son too preoccupied with his video games to notice, she moves in closer to his friend. Spying some tightness in his pants, she knows that he wants her as badly as she wants him. With son just a few feet away, Georgie takes his cock out and puts it into her mouth. He doesn't want to get caught but can't resist when she wraps her tits around his dick and squeezes. Too horny to stop now, she sits on his cock and starts to ride just as her son turns away from his video game and sees her fucking his friend. He is upset, but not for the reasons most would expect. He is jealous that sexy mom is banging his buddy instead of him. Georgie makes him feel welcome by inviting him to join them in the bedroom. Once in the bedroom, the beautiful milf enjoys having two big, hard college cocks to satisfy her lust. She sucks one while taking the other deep into her juicy pussy. She finds them far more energetic than her husband and they find her far more entertaining than video games. This is a secret they will all keep, but certainly something they will do again.

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