After a long week of spending her husband's money on vacation, sexy MILF Georgie Lyall decides to spend the afternoon relaxing by the pool with her new stepson.

Not wanting to burn, she starts to apply sunscreen to her lean, toned body. Georgie can't help but notice hunky son watching her every move. Having him stare at her is making her horny and even though she know it's wrong, she starts to tease him. A little harmless sexual flirting can't hurt. He does all he can to hide his growing erection, but mom knows a boner bulge when she sees one. Getting bolder she sits on his lap and asks him to help spread the sunscreen on her back. She grinds her ass against his hard cock and moans as his fingers touch her skin. Feeling him throb, she turns to face him and pulls down her bathing suit to show him her big tits. He doesn't care who might catch them. He has to feel those amazing boobs. Georgie is not going to let his young cock go to waste and pulls it out. It does immediately into her mouth and she is happy to see that he is even bigger than his father. She gets on top and grinds her hips until every inch of his meat is deep inside of her pussy. They are both too horny to stop now. Georgie gets fucked from behind, pushing her ass back while he pulls her hair and takes control of sexy mom. His big dick gives Georgie the kind of fucking she has been missing and the shows her appreciation by sucking his cock until he explodes all over her face and tits. What happens on vacation, stays on vacation. Except maybe not this time.

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