Emelie Crystal and Milena Ray have been rivals since they were small. At every opportunity, the two girls clashed and things have only gotten worse since Milena started dating Emelie’s stepbrother.

Now that they are around each other all the time, their hatred of one another has become more intense. One night when Milena is sleeping over, Emelie discovers some naked photos of her on a VR porn website. She immediately confronts her stepbrother, threatening to tell their parents if he doesn’t break up with his girlfriend. When you refuse, she tries a different tactic. Isn’t she prettier than Milena? Wouldn’t you rather fuck your sexy stepsister instead? You try your best to discourage her but cannot hide how much you want Emelie. As soon as she sees your big cock, she knows exactly how to get revenge on Milena. In this VR porn movie, she will fuck her man just a few feet from where her rival is sleeping. As soon as you are inside of her, she starts screaming so loud that Milena wakes up and catches you in the act. She is shocked, but also a little turned on watching her boyfriend bang his bitchy stepsister from behind. It is fine if you want to keep fucking her, but they are going to have share your big dong. They both love the way your dick throbs as you fuck their tight pussies. For the first time in their lives, the girls have found something in common. As the action intensifies, they find themselves rivals again, this time trying to outdo each other and earn his your load. In the end, you cum on their faces and lets them share every creamy drop.

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