Stepsisters Anita Rover and Rika Fane have always been highly competitive. Now that they are fully grown and Anita is married to a handsome man, Rika has set her sights on seducing her stepsister’s husband.

It should be difficult, but the pretty young blonde knows that in the right skirt showing just enough skin, she can have any man she wants. In this taboo VR porn episode, it doesn’t take long for her to catch your eye and spot a growing boner in your pants. With Anita burying her head in a book, her slutty stepsister gives you a risky blowjob with just a box of popcorn serving as cover. You can’t believe how good she is at sucking cock and let out a moan that alerts Anita to their debauchery. Rather than being angry, she slides in next to her stepsister and tries to suck your cock better than she does. Now that they have started, the two beautiful VR porn stars, have to complete the competition to see who you like fucking better. Confident in her ability to keep her man happy, Anita lets her younger stepsister go first. Rika gets plowed from behind with long strokes. Showing her how things are done, Anita steps up next and teases you with her big ass. The girls are competitive, but find that they love sharing and you have enough to cock to go around. No reason to fight over it when you will happily give it to them both. The only thing left to decide is which pussy is going to make your dick explode. Anita does her best, riding as hard as she can, but in the end, Rika’s tight little hole makes you bust your nut. Oh no, you shot inside of her. That wasn’t part of the plan. Or was it?

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