Subil Arch marches into the room to discuss something serious with her new stepson. She has noticed him watching her, even spying on her when she is in the bathroom. At first she intended to confront him and demand that he stop. However, the previous night she did some spying of her own and got a peep of son's big cock. Subil could not believe how big it was, nearly twice the size of his father's. She no longer wished him to stop spying and instead confessed that she wanted to fuck that big monster in his pants. The thought of fucking sexy blonde mom was very enticing, but she had one special condition. Before he fucks her, he must agree to also put his dick into her daughter, Nikki Hill. She is a very pretty girl, but painfully shy and never seems to keep a boyfriend long enough to lose her virginity. It seems too good to be true, but after sucking his cock to full size, Subil leads him into Nikki's bedroom. The petite blonde is fast asleep so Subil pulls down her panties and guides son's cock right into daughter's tight hole. After a few long strokes she wakes up, shocked to find brother's cock inside of her and mom watching. She may be shocked, but it feels too good for her to want him to stop. First she has to let mom have a turn as Subil gives son the pussy she promised as a reward for fucking Nikki. With mother's help, Nikki overcomes her shy nature and learns to love brother's big dick almost as much as mommy herself. They take turns with his hard cock until it explodes all over their faces. This is a family secret that mommy, daughter and son are very happy to keep.
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