Hot Pearl and Milka Way have been best friends for years. They helped each other through rough times when their parents got divorced and shared horror stories about having to get used to living with stepbrothers.

All grown up, they have gotten used to their new step-siblings and have even started dating one another’s once-annoying step-brothers. They get to do everything with each other while still dating. It is the perfect situation. The guys are quite athletic and suggest a double date of playing badminton. Hot Pearl and Milka Way don’t necessarily want to play, but seeing each other in their short skirts and tiny tops gives them other ideas. They have both confessed to having forbidden VR taboo fantasies about their stepbrothers and today seems like a perfect time to act on them, together. Convincing the guys to go along with the plan is pretty easy, especially when the girls have such easy access and can show them how serious they are by lifting their skirts and pulling down their tops. The idea doesn’t seem too bad to the guys who are happy to whip out their stiff cocks. Starting with their own partners, the girls get them warmed up before trading partners and going for the taboo switcharoo. The guys are more than ready for what comes next, gleefully getting behind their stepsisters and thrusting deep into them. Being so close to each other and so turned on, the girls can’t help but play with each other too. They are having so much VR porn fun that they forget to have the guys pull out. Now they both have their unprotected pussies full of cum. Oops, this might be more than they bargained for.

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