It has been a long day for blonde coed Missy Luv. She was very excited by the idea of seducing her handsome professor and shocked to find him fucking her classmate Barbie Brill.

Jealous as she was, she was smart enough to use her phone to get evidence of their elicit escapades and marched over to his house to confront him. Unsure if she wants to use the photos to blackmail you for a better grade or for money, she can’t stop thinking about how good your cock looks fucking Barbie. In this taboo VR porn episode, you are upset to see the images on her phone and angry she would try to blackmail you. However, you are also turned on looking at how Missy is dressed. She can see through your pants that you are getting hard and her pussy gets wet remembering how you had fucked the hell out of Barbie. Suddenly, fucking you seems like a much better idea than blackmail. Faced with the choice between letting your pretty blonde student suck your big cock and having her report you to the ethics committee, you wisely whipped out your meat and fed it to Missy. It was even bigger up close and she greedily sucked it deep into her willing throat. She had seen how well Barbie had fucked you and was determined to be an even better VR porn slut than her classmate. Turning around, she pulls her panties aside and lets you fuck her tight hole without ever taking her skirt or shoes off. Easy access is the name of the game and she wants you to know that he can have her holes any time you want. She pumps hard on your cock and feels you stiffen up. Missy scrambles into position and sucks out every drop of cream from your spurting shaft. Only one thing left for you to do to escape her blackmail plan. Never give that bitch Barbie your big cock again.

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