Barbie Brill and her best friend Lili Charmelle have shared everything since the first day of their friendship. Now that they are in college, they still share everything, including a huge crush on their much older, quite handsome, and very married professor.

Both girls have already had an affair with him but have not been able to reach him recently. They decide that New Year’s Eve is a good time to change that. Both of them wear sexy school uniforms and show up at his house bearing gifts. You are surprised to see them at the house, but your wife is even more shocked at how they are dressed and how forward the young girls are with her husband. It is clear what they are here for and while she doesn’t mind a little competition, she is sure that you like her big tits better than their tiny tits. In this new Study Times VR taboo episode, she is so confident that she invites the girls to get naked and gives you a special three-on-one session. Passing your big dick back and forth the best friends lick and suck while your wife guides the action and teaches them all the tricks that you love. Sharing is fine, but Karina insists on taking your cock first when it comes time to fuck. She is going to help you back your students, but only after you satisfy her needs. Not to be left out, the horny teen coeds get their turns, feeling every inch of their professor’s throbbing member deep inside their guts. Karina has fun watching them bounce on your dick. It is better than watching VR porn alone while you are at college. The girls are a lot of fun and she decides to share the load with them. Their faces make for a perfect cum target and after this first time, both of them will be invited back.

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