Natasha Teen loves her VR taboo video games. She also loves masturbating with her controller and thinks that no one knows.

Her stepfather has caught on and decides to confront her when he catches her in the act. He meant to put a stop to this disgusting behaviour but stopped when he got a good look. Watching her slowly slide the hard plastic inside her nineteen-year-old pussy makes your cock big and hard. Natasha is shocked to find you watching and then thrilled to see just how big your dick is. She has always loved the real thing so much better than any toy. Mom always moans so loud from her bedroom and now Natasha knows why. Her mouth is watering as she puts her lips around your meat. She doesn’t even care if it’s wrong. A dick like this deserves the kind of special oral treatment she gives her special boyfriends. Feeling your dick throb in her mouth feels good, but the naughty blonde has to ask if she sucks cock better than her mom. In response, you spin her around and fuck her tight teenage twat with long, powerful strokes. This is so much better than her controller and so much bigger than the boys she dates. She can tell that you like her tight pussy as much as she loves your thick thrusting cock. Your dick makes her cum so hard that she wants to give you a special treat. She pops you back into her mouth and doesn’t stop until you bust a huge nut in her mouth. No more VR porn games, daddy’s joystick is now her favourite.

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