Hot Pearl, Milka Way, and Mia Grandy are the stars of their college swim team. They are in great shape and at the top of their physical performance.

They look like famous VR porn models from taboo movies. They are also immensely competitive which makes them really good for each other in the pool. The constant competition drives them all to be at their very best. It also shows up in other areas, like when they are all interested in the same guy. That is the case with their new assistant coach. The handsome young guy works so hard to make them the best they can be, not even noticing that all three of his stars are openly flirting with him. Deciding that you aren't going to get it if they remain subtle, the girls decide to team up on you and make sure you notice them. Putting on matching outfits that include very tight shorts, they invite you in and ask your opinion on their new practice uniforms. In this VR porn episode, you try to play it cool, but they can see they have your attention. Since you didn’t have much of an opinion about their uniforms, they wonder if you might help them decide which one is the hottest on the team. Turning up the heat, they start by flashing you their perky tits. Not enough to make an informed decision? Maybe a look at their naked asses or pretty, tight pussies will help. They can see that your dick is now rock hard and invite you to take it out while they rub themselves. It’s OK, they won’t tell. All you have to do is pump your cock and then tell them which one you think is the hottest before you blow your load. But then they are really going to make you work.

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