Cleaning pools is not a great job. The hours are long and the pay sucks. There are few perks, but on rare occasions, the owners will be nice and offer a cool drink or a tip for good service.

If you are really lucky it might come from a sexy wife. Gerogie Lyall is a one in a million client. The curvy blonde spends her days working on her tan while her husband works long hours. Whenever you clean her pool she is friendly and thanks you for your hard word. Georgie takes great care of her body and loves to show it off, especially in a skimpy swimsuit. She knows that you notice and likes the way your eyes linger on her long legs or down into her cleavage. One day, Georgie invites you inside to get out of the sun and enjoy a cool drink. She sits across from looking hot until you are too uncomfortable to stay. Then she tells you that she has seen you watching her and asks if you want to see what is under her suit. You can't say no and watch as she takes down the top of her suit to show off firm breasts. She is very proud of her ass and bends over to make sure you get a good look. You watch as the beautiful, lonely wife strips and plays with herself. She likes seeing the lust in your eyes and tells you take out your cock and stroke it if you like what you see. You sit rub your dick while she fingers her hot, married pussy. She tells you how neglected and in need of a good fucking she is. Are you up to the challenge? Can you make this hot MILF's fantasies come true?

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