It had already been a fantastic vacation for college friends Lika Star (aka Masha), Alecia and Eveline. They had spent two weeks sightseeing, hitting the local clubs, soaking up the sun and getting their share of attention from the local men.

On the last day before returning home they found themselves alone at poolside and decided to have a few drinks. As the drinks multiplied, the young friends got bolder. Soon they were topless, enjoying the sun and admiring one another in the process. Getting bolder, they tossed their bottoms aside as well and began telling the stories of the men they had met on vacation. Reliving all those steamy encounters as the girls horny again and since there is no one around to stop them, they start getting more daring, playing with their clits and rubbing their pussies. They watch one another and can't help but be even more turned on by brazen sexuality and public display of horniness. They are having so much fun that they don't want the vacation to be over. Even after cumming several times together, the girls need more. They decide to call up all of the guys they have hooked up with and invite them over for a big orgy. They will not leave until they have been fucked and creamed in every hole.

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