Lucy Mendez VR loves spending time outside on a warm summer day. She is having a good time riding her bike while her step father sits along reading.

He seems to be checking out her long legs and tight shorts, so she decides to get closer to him and ask about his work. She sits on his lap trying to flirt while he tells her about the office gossip and troubles with the supply lines. He is boring her to death and he isn't picking up her vibes even when she starts to rock back and forth on his dick. Finally deciding to just take matters into her own hands, she lifts up her top and while he is staring at her perky tits, she grabs his cock from his pants. In this VR porn episode he can't deny how he feels any longer. The hard meat in her hands tells her that she was right about him. He is a horny fucker who hasn't been laid in a while and likes her tight eighteen year old body. She pops his dick in her mouth and knows right away that he hasn't had head this good in a long time. He bends her over and pulls her shorts aside. His dick fills her pussy and after a few strokes he asks her for something her mother never gives him. He wants to stick his cock into her ass. Why not? Need to keep step daddy happy. It is a tight fit, but feels good and she loves knowing how completely in control of his dick and mind she is. Since her mom doesn't let him fuck her ass, she knows he never gets to cum in a horny mouth so Lucy begs to taste his seed. He unleashes a big load all over her face. Lucy asks him to invite her to a special book club again next week.

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