Mells Blanco VR knows that she is a very lucky college girl. Her mom has married a very rich man who got her into the school of her dreams, set her up in a nice apartment and gives her a generous allowance.

Things hit a snag when the marriage ends up on the rocks and divorce seems imminent. Now about to lose her meal ticket, Mells decides to do what she can to secure her situation. She comes home from shopping when she knows her stepfather is alone and intentionally acts suspicious. He notices right away and demands to see what she bought. Mells acts shy, but is really quite happy when she pulls out a very sexy fetish costume. It consists of a tiny bikini, furry kitten paws and ears. She picked it out knowing about his secret fury fetish and hoping her sexy VR porn show would turn him on. It works wonders and he immediately demands that she put it on for him. As he watches her get dressed in the sexy outfit, his cock gets hard. Mells can't take her eyes off the growing bulge and practically begs him to take it out for her. He pulls his fat cock out of his trousers and she is pleased to see that it is even bigger than she imagined. She starts sucking it, doing all the things the guys at school love to feel. He moans like it has been a long time and she wonders if her mother even bothers to give him head any more. He turns her around and fucks her pussy for a few strokes before surprising her by moving to her ass. She has only let a few guys in there and none as big as he is, but he manages to squeeze it in deep. He pulls out and asks her to suck it until he cums all over her face. She has never done that before, but if this is what he wants, then she is going to give it to him. Anything to keep him in her life and keep the money coming.

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