Claudia Garcia and her family moved into the apartment next door a few months ago. You haven’t spoken to her much, but you catch a glimpse of her whenever she comes or goes.

She is a very pretty coed who seems friendly enough. Lately, you have been thinking of her whenever you are watching taboo VR Porn and imagining that she is one of the young models on screen. One day when you are home alone, you get a call. It is Claudia and she tells you that her father needs your help with something in their apartment. In this VR porn video, you find the young blonde alone in her room wearing nothing but a tiny pink lingerie outfit. Before you look away she tells you that she has a big crush on you and has seen you looking at her. There really isn’t anything wrong with you doing more than look if you would like to be with her. She promises not to tell your wife as long as you promise not to tell her parents. That sounds like a good deal and it gets even better when she bends over and shows you the sweet curves of her juicy ass. Claudia has seen you watching her and now she wants you to get a good look as she wiggles it for you. Since you like what you see, she wants to show you more, but only if you take out your cock and stroke it for her. There is no time to do more than watch today, but she wants to see you shoot a big load for her so she spreads her pussy lips and starts to rub. It feels so good that you cum in no time and watch as she does the same. Next time you will do more than play and that is when the fun really begins.

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