Sheila Ortega has been married to her new husband for a while now. He is always working and she just can’t get the attention and affection she craves.

To make it up to her, he plans a wonderful family vacation with his wife and son. She is very excited and packs some sexy lingerie to spark things between them. On the first day of their vacation, Sheila gets all dressed up only to find that he has left to participate in an emergency conference call. Frustrated, Sheila sits in bed trying to figure out what to do with her day. She is just about to give up and pull out her VR Headset and get herself off when she notices her stepson in the doorway staring at her. You like what you see and is rubbing your cock through your jeans. Sheila knows it is wrong, but she likes the feeling she gets from having this handsome young man staring at her curvy ass and tits as they spill over the top of her sexy outfit. Teasing you, she offers to show more if you will stroke it for her. You aren't about to pass up this opportunity and begin to pump your prick while your father’s sexy young wife strips for you like a VR pornstar. You have often fantasized about her big tits and strokes furiously as she shakes them in your face. Spreading her legs and sliding a finger into her pussy she asks you if you can hold out long enough to watch her cum. Will you make it or will you explode in your hand before she reaches a climax? The suspense is intense and drives them both over the edge. The rest of the vacation is going to be more fun with her husband away.

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