Having been arrested on false charges of having an affair with her son by a peeping tom of a neighbor, the sexy blonde of a MILF Mavie had to explain herself to the officer. First of all, she explained that she does not have a son, but a stepson instead who is pretty young and inexperienced for her. She likes older, experienced and more serious men, which she showed to the officer who was questioning her by getting over the table, pulling out his hard dick and putting it between her perfectly round tits before letting him stick it deep inside of her moist snatch. As these two were fucking, lusty Mavie’s stepsons came to his mommy’s rescue only to see her receiving a hard pounding on the table. Shocked, confused, and terrified at first, this mature blonde’s stepson quickly overcame all of the emotions and joined in on the action by whipping out his boner and having his stepmother suck on it. Soon, he was licking his mom’s shaved muff before she went on to ride the officer’s large member on the ground while blowing his. Then, the stepson got to pound her moist snatch from behind as she serviced the cop’s shaft orally before they reversed the roles once again. But, neither of the men could last that long and it was stunning Mavie’s stepson who first sprayed his sticky spunk all over her face before the policeman did the same. In the end, the officer in charge closed the case because the accusations were clearly completely false.
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