For the most part, Jada Sparks VR has enjoyed her new marriage. Her husband makes a good living and treats her well. On the other hand, his son is a bit of a problem.

He doesn’t have a job, lives off his father, and does whatever he wants, whenever he wants. When Jada catches you taking her car without permission, she discovers that you got a speeding ticket and have no money to pay the fine. To make matters worse, she found a used condom in the car. She is very angry but notices the XL size on the condom and wonders if you might be able to pay off the fine some other way. If you really have enough meat to fill those super-sized rubbers then she wants a sample. You don’t pick up on the subtle hints she gives you, so Jada whips out her big tits. Shocked at first, you try to leave, but she reminds you of how angry your father will be if he finds out about the ticket. Seeing your horny stepmom get naked makes your cock hard and Jada knows just how to handle a monster like that. She puts it in her mouth, slurping up and down the shaft until he is throbbing in her hand. Acting like a professional VR porn model, she lifts her dress and tells you she has a special request. She loves anal sex and your father never gives it to her in the backdoor. Jada wants her stepson to bang her big butt. It is a very tight fit, but she takes every inch. You give her all she can handle including a big load of cock cream all over her face. She won’t tell your dad about the ticket, but you have a new chore around the house, satisfying your horny stepmom.

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