Texas Patti is fed up. She does everything around the house and tries her best to always look sexy for her husband. But all he does is work and then spend the weekend in the garage working on his car or out with his buddies.

She plans a special dinner of his favourite foods and has something sexy planned, but once again he doesn’t come home for dinner. In this VR porn video, Patti offers dinner to her stepson who can’t help but notice the outfit she is wearing. Your reaction makes her smile. It feels good to be appreciated and her body is on fire with a forbidden lust for her husband’s hunky son. Not daring to think about her actions, Patti pulls out her tits and asks you if you want more than just a plate of pasta for dinner. You like what you see and grab her big boobs with both hands. Not wanting to waste another moment, she gets on her knees and grabs your cock. You can’t believe how desperately she works her mouth up and down on your throbbing shaft. She acts like a real VR pornstar. Bending over, she reaches back and guides you into her pussy. It has been far too long since she has been properly fucked and Patti loves every throbbing inch you give her. You fuck harder and better than her husband and she loves the way you jump at the chance to pump a big load all over her face. Patti wears it proudly and knows that she wants another round of young hot meat for dessert.

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