Jenny Doll has brought her new boyfriend home to introduce him to grandmother. She has always been close to nana Venus and her approval of the new man in her life is very important.

In this VR porn video, Venus greets them with a smile and a plate of freshly baked muffins. After the quick introduction, Jenny offers to make some coffee while Venus gets to know her new boyfriend. With granddaughter’s attention elsewhere, Venus starts teasing you. She flashes you a view of her pussy and sees your cock stirring in your jeans. Boldly dropping to the floor between your legs, she whips out her tits and grabs your cock. You are worried Jenny will see, but Venus’ mouth just feels so good that you can’t stop her. When Jenny does turn around to see what is going on, she rushes over to stop grandmother. When she confronts you and hears you praise the way Venus sucks your cock, Jenny finds it oddly erotic. Joining grandmother, the adventurous teen shares your meat, passing it back and forth until you are ready to fuck them. You take turns in their pussies, enjoying both women as they take you deep into their bodies. Venus has some moves to teach Jenny and is so proud to see her catching on and fucking like a true slut. Knowing that you can’t cum inside of Jenny’s pussy, you ask them to suck your cock again, this time letting them take you over the edge. They stroke and suck you until you explode on their faces. Venus knows she has found a new source of good young meat and has much to teach Jenny.

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