Jenny Doll VR is a playful young woman who enjoys practical jokes. She decides to prank grandmother Venus. After setting up a camera and hiding under the table, Jenny waits for the right moment to startle Venus.

Alone in the kitchen, Venus grabs a cucumber and slips it into her mouth. Realizing that she is about to do something sexual with the giant vegetable, but has to stay hidden under the table. Watching Venus slide the long green cucumber into her pussy, Jenny can’t believe how deep it goes. Her loud gasps finally attract attention and Venus finds Jenny under the table. Venus is embarrassed, but Jenny asks her for a favour. She has the very little sexual experience and asks if she will teach her to masturbate properly. Shocked by the request, but still turned on, Venus agrees to help her. Better that she learn properly rather than from some VR Porn site. Starting with the basics, she shows Jenny how to gently slide her fingers between her lips and rub up and down until the juices are flowing. Jenny asks about the cucumber, but Venus reminds her that she is still new to this and probably not ready to be penetrated by something so huge. Instead, she watches as Venus works the massive cucumber into her horny pussy. She makes a promise to herself to practice what she has learned every day until she is ready to take every inch of it herself.

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