Best friends for years, Marie Berger, Holly Molly and Sata Jones do everything together. They take the same classes in college, wear the same clothes, sometimes date the same guys and always compete with one another.

One day while hanging out at Marie’s house, their discussion turns to breasts and more specifically, which one of the trio has the most beautiful pair. Unable to be fair, they need an impartial judge to determine the winner. They call Marie’s stepbrother in. He is less than thrilled to be pulled away from his VR Porn, but his mood changes quickly when they tell him why they need him. They all lift their tops and show off their breasts. Though Marie has the smallest tits of the group, you can’t stop staring at her. Seeing your stepsister this way after fantasizing about her while watching VR Porn for so long it is turning you on. The other two want to win, but also think it’s hot that you are getting hard looking at Marie. Suddenly they care less about who wins and more about how they can get the handsome stud to go with them. Holly and Sata tell you they want to fuck, but you only get to fuck the winner of the contest. This puts a lot of extra pressure on you. To help you decide, they strip completely naked and show you all of their hot, inviting holes. You watch as all three of them spread wide and rub their wet pussies. Marie is right there with them, teasing you. If you pick her, you get to fuck her. Who will you pick? Whoever it is, you know you are going to be a very lucky guy.

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