Marie’s best friends have a huge secret. Holly Molly and Sata Jones adore their long-time bestie, but they also both have huge crushes on her handsome stepbrother.

Following the best friend code, the sexy guy is off-limits, but the more time they spend with him, the harder it gets to follow that code. Finally decided not to wait any longer, the girls to make their move. In this VR porn video, they are playing a game of blindfolded Twister and invite you to watch them. While Marie Berger is unable to see, her friends start to flirt with you. It works and they see how turned on you are when you take your big dick out of your jeans. Still playing the game, Marie notices that her friends are no longer participating so she takes off her blindfold. Face to face with her besties sucking her stepbrother’s dick she is shocked and wants them to stop. It takes a little convincing, but her friends remind her that you aren’t her real brother. Besides, you have a big hard cock and judging by the way it throbs when you look at Marie, it seems you have a bit of a crush on her as well. Marie joins in and all three girls pass your cock around, eagerly sucking and licking every inch. They strip out of their shorts like real models from your favourite VR porn movies and line up bent over so you have to choose which tight pussy you want to fuck first. You slide into Holly while Marie looks up at you and tell him she can’t wait to feel your dick. Everyone gets a turn and you manage to hold out long enough to give them a huge load of cock cream to share. The girls can’t wait for the next sleepover, but Marie knows she won’t even have to wait that long.

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