Since you married you wife, taking care of your new family takes a great deal of effort. Long hours at work to make enough money to keep up with their expensive shopping habits leave you exhausted.

Quiet days with nothing to do are rare and special. On just such a relaxing morning, your wife's 18 year old twin daughters come down from their room. When they discover that their mother is out for the day, they ask for your help. The twins want you to watch what they have learned in the dance lessons you have been paying for. You are shocked when they show off their newly acquired twerking skills. Both girls are quite good and their firm young asses are more than stepfather should see. You keep things under control and just watch. Until they ask you for advice on how they should settle a fight over the same boy. They wonder if their oral skills might help them decide. You know it's wrong, but you are only human and watching the two lovely young women practice sucking cock on bananas is just too much. They tell you that they hear their mother screaming in the bedroom and want to see if your cock is as big as they imagine. The twins share everything and that includes big daddy dick. You can't believe your luck as they pass it back and forth between their hungry young mouths. The horny twins take turns riding your dick, enjoying the big cock as much as their mother does. You fill one tight stepdaughter's pussy while sister masturbates close by, encouraging you to fuck twin harder and faster. They both get into position to share a big load of cum. Your advice to them is to not fight over a boy. Twins share everything, including big hard cocks.

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