Twin sisters Lady and Sandra come home with some very bad news. Their grades for the semester are not just bad, they are horrible.

The girls have been far too busy with cheerleading and chasing boys at college to focus on their studies. They know that their very strict mother will be angry and take away their phones and all after school activities until their grades come up. There is only one way they can think of to stay out of trouble, ask their more permissive stepfather for his help. He can calm their mother down. The twins just have to figure out a way to convince him to be on their side in the situation. They come up with a very unconventional method of winning his influence. Looking cute in their matching school uniforms, Lady and Sandra get on their knees and beg for daddy's help, promising a blowjob if he will help convince their mother to not punish them. He can't refuse an offer like that and enjoys their two hungry mouths as they pass his cock back and forth. Daddy loves the way they suck, but takes them to the bedroom to punish them with his belt. He spanks their asses, but fucking is what he really wants. Their tiny asses are tight, but the girls learn their lessons thanks to his big thrusting dick. Dad had no idea how naughty twins have become. Lady gets her face close and then sucks his cock right out of sister's tight asshole. They jerk him off together and a share big load on their cute faces. He won't tell their mother about the bad grades, but the twins have to agree to daily tutoring sessions with daddy's dick.

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