When you are the popular girl in school, you are used to attention. It happens all day whether you want it to or not. Luckily, some girls thrive on the admiring glances and lingering stares. Beautiful Sophia Traxler is just such an attention princess. She knows how her lovely smile, pretty red hair and head turning body is more than anyone can resist. Not shy about it, Sophia is happy to dress to accentuate her best features including a pair of huge, firm breasts that bounce perfectly as she struts across campus. She is aware of the jaws dropping as she makes her way from class to class. After a long day of teasing and being admired, Sophia is tired, but even she can't resist how hot she looks. Remembering the look on her favorite professor's face when he star her tight shirt, Sophia pulls it over her head and watches her breasts pop out. Caressing them and holding them in her hands, she feels her nipples stiffen as her arousal grows. Admiring herself in the mirror she turns around and spreads her cheeks. Sophia imagines one of those hunky guys who stared at her gently parting her lips and sliding his tongue into her inviting slit. Spreading out on the bed she finally lets her fingers drift down her flat tummy between her legs and into her tight wet folds. Sophia remembers the lust in the eyes of her many admirers and knows they would kill to be in her bed, pleasing her, fucking her, making her cum. Just like her fingers do. Sophia climaxes and hard and drifts off for a well-deserved nap. It is hard work being an attention princess.
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