Olivia Stark is excited after a day of shopping. Her lover’s wife is out of town for a week and he gave her the credit card to buy some sexy outfits to keep them busy in bed.

She tries to show you some of what she bought, but you can’t take your eyes off of her huge ass. You have seen enough and take out your cock to show her how throbbing hard her massive cheeks have made you. As Olivia prepares to put it in her mouth, your stepdaughter Jennifer Mendez comes home unexpectedly. Seeing an opportunity, she tells you that she won't tell mother as long as you let her take a shopping trip, and let her join in this VR fun. You aren't about to say no to that, especially when she pulls out her titties and shows you that they are nearly as big as your curvy girlfriend’s. If four big breasts are better than two, then certainly two hungry mouths are better than one. Olivia gets it wet and warmed up before passing it to Jennifer. She sucks it hungrily, loving the naughty feel of tasting her stepfather’s big dick. Since you have been lusting after your girlfriend’s big ass all day, Olivia gets the first ride, dropping her hips and slamming her body against you while Jennifer watches with a big smile on her pretty face. She helps you slip your dick into that giant ass knowing that mom never lets you do that. It looks so good that she asks you to pop her anal cherry as in the best VR porn movies. You thoroughly enjoy both women in every hole before exploding all over Olivia and watching Jennifer lick up every drop. They have both earned another shopping spree.

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