You come home and sit down to enjoy some time with your VR Headset only to find a note taped to it. It simply reads “For you.

” You put on the VR headset and are greeted by stunning beauty Sata Jones in lingerie and heels. “Do you like my outfit?” she asks. “Would you like to see more?” Of course, you continue watching as she turns around and bends over, showing off her full round ass as the lingerie creeps slowly between her cheeks. There is more to enjoy, but Sata wants you to play along. To unbutton your fly and take out your cock. To stroke it slowly until she is ready to show you more. That’s right, pull it out and stroke while she shows you her big tits. Since you are being so good, she strips all the way down to just her heels. Can you see how wet her pussy is, how ready she is to be taken, penetrated, filled with your throbbing meat? She sees how close you are to cumming and begs you to hold off a little longer. Wait until her fingers can slide into her wet pussy and she can join you in climax. Her pussy looks so good as she fucks herself. You want to hold out, but hearing her moan you know just where your cum needs to go and it’s just too good to wait. What a perfect VR surprise, but who is it from?

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