You are new to the neighbourhood but have already noticed your neighbour’s wife Tayana Babyy when she hands around outside by their pool.

She isn’t shy about her body and struts around in tiny bikinis that can’t hold back her amazing curves. When she calls you over to ask for help, you are hesitant since her husband doesn’t seem to be home. You only become more uneasy as she welcomes you into her home wearing one of her skimpiest pink bikinis. She looks like a popular VR porn model from your favourite movies. You try not to stare, but every step she takes, she jiggles and bounces seductively. She notices your gaze right away and tells you to sit down and relax. You are nervous, but this is exactly the reaction she was hoping for. She has seen you around and noticed you checking her out. It’s OK. Her husband doesn’t give her the attention she needs and she likes the way you look at her. If you would like to see more, she is game on one condition. You have to take off your pants so she can see how much you like her body. Worried her husband might come home, you risk it when you see her big booty up close. Some things are just too good to pass up. She can see by your hard cock that you like her ass, but how about her boobs? Pulling them out of her tiny bikini top, she sees you throb and pump yourself faster as she shakes them for you. It is such a turn-on for her watching you stroke that her pussy is soaked when she finally gets naked. In this VR porn video, she spreads her lips so you can see the deep pink inside of her lovely lips. Keep stroking. She has her own plans and they include fingering herself to climax while you shoot a big load all over the floor. What a wonderful way to be welcomed into the neighbourhood.

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