Jennifer Mendez VR is struggling with her self-confidence. Ever since starting at a new college, she has felt like an outcast.

All of the popular girls are thinner than she is, and her curvy figure makes her stand out. No matter what she does or how she dresses, she can’t seem to hide her massive breasts or curvy ass. Even her boyfriend seems to prefer watching VR Porn scenes with skinny models to her juicy ass and big tits. Looking for a little positive feedback, Jennifer puts on a tiny outfit and asks her stepfather if he will honestly assess her figure. You hesitate, but before you have time to tell her how inappropriate that would be, Jennifer bends over and shows you her nearly naked ass. She wants your honest opinion. Is it too big? Too round? Too juicy? While you assure her that it is none of those things, she pulls out her equally sizable tits. They get your attention and she can see the bulge in your pants growing by the second. Getting bolder, she asks you if you would like to take your cock out and stroke it while she looks at you. You know that you shouldn’t but pumps your long pole slowly while she shakes her big knockers. Your cock lets her know how much you appreciate her body as you pump your prick harder than her boyfriend ever has. It turns her on so much that she strips down completely naked and slides her fingers into her wet pussy. You both cum hard and Jennifer decides she doesn’t care what her boyfriend thinks. She can just stay home and get some hot dick from stepdaddy.

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