Today is a big day for aspiring VR taboo model Melody Marks. She has her first big audition and wants to make sure that she looks just right for the casting. Normally her best friend helps her with these things, but she is at work. Making matters worse, the agency needs some measurements to make sure she is right for the part. The pretty blonde teen is short a set of eyes and a set of hands at the worst possible time. Since the only person at home is her stepbrother, she asks for his help measuring and his honest opinion on the outfit she has chosen. You tell her that she looks good, but doesn’t seem to be paying attention as she discusses other outfit options. She wants to try them on, and notices that the more she shows, the bigger the bulge in your jeans gets. She can feel your hands tremble when your fingers touch her skin as you measure her body. Certain that her outfit is plenty sexy enough she decides that he is the one who really needs to be measured because that is the biggest boner she has ever seen. From her knees, she is in the perfect position to take your big cock into her mouth. You don’t even try to hesitate as your pretty blonde stepsister devours your meat. Not about to let an opportunity go to waste, she turns around and guides you into her wet pussy for deep, hard strokes. Melody acts like a real VR porn model from your favourite taboo movies. She thought she might have to fuck today, but didn’t realize she would be banging at home instead of on the casting couch. She tries to keep you from ruining her makeup, but her face is just too pretty to resist so you blast your load on her. Next time she will remember to swallow.

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