It is a very sad day for Simon Kitty. Her stepbrother is moving into his own apartment. While most college girls would be happy to be rid of an annoying sibling and have more room, Simon is quite angry that he is leaving her alone with their parents.

He has been her best friend for years and she had a secret crush on him for a long while. Now that he is leaving she won’t have his company and she fears he will never discover her true feelings for him. She gets even angrier when he comes into the room holding a box and asks her to help collect his clothes. She agrees and then is shocked when she looks inside the box you are holding and finds that you have cut a hole in the side and that your big hard dick is poking into the box. You share her feelings of forbidden lust and wants to act on them before you move out. Simon is so happy on her knees sucking your big cock. She acts like a pornstar from your favourite VR porn movies. She does everything she can to show you how good she is with her mouth before you turn her around and fill her pussy. After years of hearing rumours about how big he was, her VR taboo fantasies are finally coming true. Her pussy cums hard as she rides you. You have to be careful so you pull out and shoot your load all over her face. Simon is sad you are leaving, but you remind her that you will be living on your own and now she can come fuck you any time she wants.

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