Sybil Arch and Shaline Devine have been best friends since college. They have done everything together for years. They stayed close when they got married and even when they got divorced and remarried. In fact, they are so close that their stepkids are even dating. Shaline’s stepdaughter Tiffany Tatum and Sybil’s stepson have been a couple for a while now. In this VR porn episode, Tiffany and her boyfriend have decided to celebrate Mother’s Day for their stepmoms, but they have no idea that the best friends have something naughty on their minds. Shaline shared a secret with Sybil. According to her stepdaughter, Sybil’s stepson has got a really big cock. Back in college Sybil and Shaline often shared men, especially the ones packing big pricks. They are not about to let one who lives under Sybil’s own roof get away. While Tiffany is in the kitchen putting the finishing touches on a special meal, the two horny stepmom’s let you know what they really want for Mother’s Day. As much as you love Tiffany, you have always had a thing for her sexy stepmother and though you would never admit it, even your own. Taking out your cock, you watch the two friends strip like professional VR porn models and position themselves with their mouths ready to take every inch. Tiffany returns to the room just in time to see her boyfriend fucking her stepmom from behind. She is upset at first, but the stepmothers put her mind at ease by double-teaming her creamy young pussy with their mouths. That is more than enough to take her mind off how wrong it is and let her feel just how good it is. You can’t believe how lucky you are to fuck your girlfriend after banging her stepmom and yours. The mature sluts give Tiffany some pointers as they suck a load from your cock and all pass it back and forth.

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